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Bun Venit! - Welcome! – Isten hozta!


The idea which sparked “The Economy Lifestyle” came from a simple question, “How do I make the most out of something without being left with nothing in my pockets?” Whether it’s about planning a short-term vacation over a couple of days, weeks or even thinking about relocating during your retirement to enjoy the hard earned golden years of your life. We wanted to create a hub of easily accessible and useful information to show a beautiful part of the world that we hope finds its way onto your Bucket List for culinary curiosity or perhaps a visit some day.


Why us? It’s simple, we are a team of three passionate individuals at different stages in our lives whom have lived, worked and traveled around this globe. The information provided here on these pages are tales of first hand experiences, knowledge learned through trials and yes tribulations to bring you, the reader, a snapshot into the reality of exploring, living and perhaps moving to Eastern Europe. All content on #TheEconomyLifestyle will be fresh and our own, meaning everything from the photographs to the articles published are our own copyright. Simply put: we love to eat, enjoy life and take photographs along the way.


Full disclaimer: these are personal experiences. They are to be taken with humor and entertainment value. Much like there is no true one size fits all in clothing, there is certainly not one in life either. What we have gone through may not reflect what you have or will experience, but it can prove helpful to know or just to look at a couple of stunning photographs of perhaps countries yet to be discovered by you. Maybe print a recipe or two that involves a meal you have yet to experience. Why not day dream of what it’d be like to kick your feet up and enjoy a view different than that of your every day?


Articles on this site will explore a variety of topics that will fall under different categories: local food, vacation, living, recipes retirement in Eastern Europe. What to see and what to do while visiting, hidden gems off the beaten tourist path, and of course what to eat. Because let’s be honest culture is indeed a broad topic but who doesn’t enjoy experiencing it with a full heart and stomach? Memories will remain to be gathered by you, to be experienced and treasured for years to come. While we would like to say that is indeed priceless? One can put a price tag on it. And we here at The Economy Lifestyle will show you how that is possible without emptying your pockets.

Whether it’s by phone screen, car, foot, train or airplane, we welcome you aboard this ride. Find us on Instagram @TheEconomyLifestyle for daily inspiration to pack up your suitcase and hit the road with us!

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